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Happy New year! Have more harmony in 2018

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Happy New year! Have more harmony in 2018
by Gill Tree - Thursday, 11 January 2018, 9:52 AM

Dear Parents and Carers

If 2017 was a challenge for you with your children, let 2018 be a very different year by putting into practice some of my suggestions in my e-course. If you have not started it yet, you are in for a treat! 

Find 10 minutes to dip your toe into the water. The hardest part of anything is getting started, so summon up all your discipline, determination and resolve to get going on this course this week. Tell someone you are going to do it and ask them to check on you. I always do that when there is something I just can't seem to get around to! 

People who have done this course and given feedback oftern describe it as life-changing! ready to change your life for the better??!!

And for those of you who have completed  or almost completed the course, I would really appreciate you completing the attached evaluation form and scanning and emailing back to me;

Wishing you a harmonious and happy 2018.

Best wishes Gill

PS I need to watch the e-course myself to remind myself of all the good parenting practices that make my son feel secure and less likely to anger