Dear Parent or Carer

Welcome to this e-learning platform. We know that as incredibly busy people you wont necessarily have time to go to live courses. E-learning is the most effective way to learn in small bite size pieces at a time to suit you. I hope you really enjoy the courses as well as getting a great deal from them to improve the harmony within your homes, enjoy your children more and help them heal some of their trauma.


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    Friendly reminder to do some of the course
    by Gill Tree - Tuesday, 12 September 2017, 3:40 PM

    Dear parent

    I am just writing to see how you are getting on with my resilience e-course and to see if you need any extra help. I offer mentoring via the phone or skype, so if it is all getting a bit too much give me a call.

    And for those of you who haven't started the course yet.......just dip ...

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    Upgrade complete
    by Gill Tree - Wednesday, 28 June 2017, 9:50 AM

    Dear all, the upgrade is now complete and you can view your courses in 2 ways. Either click on the arrow by your name in the top right hand corner and select dashboard, or click Building Resilience in the toolbar. 


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    Accessing your course drop down menu
    by Gill Tree - Friday, 23 June 2017, 12:56 PM

    We have just upgraded the software for this course and it seems to have stopped the drop down menu for your courses working, from the link by your login name.

    Instead you can access the list of courses from the building resilience link in the tool bar. 

    We are working to get this rectified. 

    Apologies and best wishes Gill